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The Legend of Zelda Guide Box Set Unboxing

Joey didn’t tell Kyle and Alf about ordering The Legend of Zelda Guide Box Set for this unboxing. Take a look at the fine set put together by Prima.

Windwaker HD Limited Edition Unboxing

Kyle and Joey sit down with the Windwaker HD Limited Edition that was only available from GameStop.  Watch us unbox it so you don’t have to spend $120!

Windwaker HD WiiU Unboxing

Better late than never, Kyle and Joe are unboxing the new WiiU bundle and take in that new console smell.  We have included a close shot up of the box and the special edition gamepad.

Hands-On – Nintendo’s 2DS

Remember on the show how excited we were for the 2DS? Alf and Joey got a chance to examine the new 2DS up close and personal. Also, we shared some pictures from after the video on our new Instagram account. … Continue reading

Surprise Unboxing

We bought something big again and wanted to show it off.  It’s Saints Row IV Game of the Generation Edition!  I guess it won’t be too hard to guess what we will be talking about on the show this week.

That Unboxing We Promised

As soon as we picked up Tales of Xillia we unboxed it right in the store.  Bad idea. Through some “clever” editing you can hardly tell the store had customers and a phone off the hook while we were there.