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It’s our wacky podcast antics!

Episode 239 – Sizable Deductible

  It’s another one of THOSE episodes. The content is good, but the audio quality fell off a cliff. If you can bear it, it’s a good one covering Inafune, Apex Legends, Activsion, and some nonsense about deers. Email us … Continue reading

Episode 238 – Battlefield!

  Joey and Kyle sit down to talk about February’s free games, PlayStation domination, Titanfall, the next Switch and more. Oh yeah, jokes. There are also jokes. Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Subscribe … Continue reading

Episode 237 – Kawaii in the Streets

  Alf has played Resident Evil 2 and Joey has a new obsession to Google It’s a fun romp through a relatively short news week. Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Subscribe to our … Continue reading

Episode 236 – Broke Mic Blues

  Joey and Kyle are here to talk video games, Netflix v Fortnite, DK64 Charity Streams, MK11, and Smash turning 20. Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We have … Continue reading

Episode 235 – Birthday Paradox

  Alf is here with his quick Game of the Year recap and the crew talks about the best bits of Awesome Games Done Quick. There’s lots more to enjoy, but we don’t want to spoil it all for you. … Continue reading

Episode 234 – Game of the Year 2018

  It’s Game of the Year time. Joey and Kyle count down their Top 5 games of 2018 as well as some honorable mentions. Here’s hoping 2019 is another great year! Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like … Continue reading

Episode 233 – Yee-Haw Skyrim

  News is light, but the jokes are still pretty fierce. Half Circle Forward and Medium Kick your way into how we finally solve dating episodes. (Third Street Fighter Pun). Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like us … Continue reading

Episode 232 – We Switch Smashin

  Smash Ultimate is out and we have lots of things to say about it. Could it be the best game in the Smash series? Is there room for improvement? Join Joey and Kyle and special guest Wesley as they … Continue reading

Episode 231 – Micahtransactions

  It’s an online game heavy week with Red Dead Online and Fallout 76 and their massive missteps taking over both what we have been playing as well as a majority of the news of the week. It’s a couple … Continue reading

Episode 230 – Horse Carrots

  We are all in on Red Dead Redemption II, the good, the bad, and the ugly (see what we did there). Kyle and Joey also GO deep on Pokemon Let’s Go Pikichu & Eevee (that’s two) and we talk … Continue reading