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Episode 170 – April Fooled

Joey and Kyle were caught off guard with the premiere of Rick and Morty Season 3. Was it bigger than Wrestlemania? What about video games? Isn’t his a show about games? Listen to find out how we balance it all … Continue reading

Episode 169 – Hard Corg

Charity, charity, charity. Joey is back from Orlando and ready to gush all about Extra Life. It’s a bit long winded, but still leaves plenty of time to tear Mass Effect a new one right? Find out if Kyle thinks … Continue reading

Episode 168 – Tin Can Special

It’s the whole cast in to talk about Breath of the Wild. It’s another gush fest, but still a solid discussion. The cast also digs in politics and Mass Effect drama. Enjoy! (NOTE: This episode sounds terrible. Based on the … Continue reading

Episode 167 – Stackin’ Paperboy

As it turns out, recording a podcasts under the weather is the easy part, editing it is what is really hard. Joey and Kyle talk Breath of the Wild, adult beverages, and YouTubers stepping in it. Enjoy! Email us – … Continue reading

Episode 166 – Smack My Switch Up

We are down a man, but that doesn’t stop us from going full force on the Nintendo Switch, the launch, and Zelda Breath of the Wild  Why are you still reading, get in here and Enjoy! Email us – … Continue reading

Episode 165 – Shadow of Sandler

We make Adam Sandler noises as we stall on the lack of news before the Switch launches.  IS Happy Gilmore really the best film? That can’t be right can it? Enjoy! Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like … Continue reading

Episode 164 – The Arrival Debate

For Honor is here, guess who played and what they think. Are Joey and Kyle still playing crappy Facebook games? Is Alf finally done with OverWatch? Only one way to find out! Enjoy! (Still no video this week, we should … Continue reading

Episode 163 – Not Watching the Grammys

So, we are back after a chance to recover from some drama.  Don’t worry, we played plenty of garbage games and watched plenty of garbage to talk about. Enjoy! Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook … Continue reading

Episode 162 – It’s Andromodo

Resident Evil 7 is out and it’s a basically spoiler free show.  Kyle and Joey talk about first impressions, what the game does well, where it falls short, and if you should be playing it (you should). It’s still a … Continue reading

Episode 161 – Switch Hitting

It’s old news now, but the all the details on the Nintendo Switch are out. Find out the what the crew thinks and who preordered and who didn’t.  We also have special guest to talk about Operation Supply Drop, a … Continue reading