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Episode 201 – The Cereal Show

  It’s the first of the year and the shows are already weird. We acquired an amiibo to eat? That should be interesting enough to cover the slow news week right?  Enjoy! Here is a link to the GoFundMe to help … Continue reading

Episode 200 – 2017 Game of the Year

  It’s finally here, Episode 200 and Game of the Year 2017! We share our Top 5 games of the year as well a few thoughts on other games we played in 2017. Enjoy! Here is a link to the GoFundMe to … Continue reading

Episode 199 – Red October Sale

  Alf and Joy get a Rolling Start into the holidays talking about The Game Awards trailers and Game of the Year preparations. It’s a short one before we are off for a quick break, but stay tuned for Episode 200 … Continue reading

Episode 198 – Buckets of Internet

  It’s almost the end of the year so the games are tapering off. It’s some light news as well but that will be the norm for the next few weeks. Don’t worry, we still find a way to crack … Continue reading

Episode 197 – Once you Listen, That’s Good

  BEWARE: Major Battlefront II Spoilers! We go over the campaign and how bad the loot crates actually are in the game. We have plenty of other things in the show as well, but SWBFII is the majority of the show. … Continue reading

Episode 196 – 40 Hours For Vader

  The debate is on. Is Xbox One X worth it? Is 4K the future? What is all this noise about Loot Boxes and game progression? We cover all this and more in the week’s show! Enjoy! Here is a … Continue reading

Episode 195 – It’s Called Elenore

  Sonic Forces, didn’t play it. Call of Duty War WWII, not this week. It’s all about Mario Odyssey! Enjoy! Here is a link to the GoFundMe to help friend of the show Sherry! Email us – Follow us … Continue reading

Episode 194 – Flying Hats

  Alf and Joey are talking Mario Odyssey. Can it dethrone the current champion for Game of the Year? We also talk charity streams, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Cuphead. It’s an action packed show! Enjoy! Here is a link to the … Continue reading

Episode 193 – You Don’t Have To

  South Park The Fractured But Whole is here the new games aren’t stopping anytime soon.  Is this game worthy of your $60? On the news front, it’s more loot box drama as EA kills a studio. Could loot boxes … Continue reading

Episode 192 – I’ll Hum a Few Bars

  Shadow of War is here and 2/3 of the cat has played it? We discuss our likes and dislikes as well a little bit more loot box talk. Enjoy! Here is a link to the GoFundMe to help friend … Continue reading