Monthly Archives: February 2018

Episode 206 – Groovy 3:16

  Here’s a callback for some of you long time listeners, you might be able to guess the joke from the stinger image. This episode also features a new feature, “No PUBG Allowed!” Tune in to find out more. Enjoy! … Continue reading

Episode 205 – Nani?!

  The crew is here to complain about work and the lack of time to play games. In classic fashion we have something new, but something that should work fails, find out what went wrong by tuning in! Enjoy! Here … Continue reading

Episode 204 – Savy

  Monster Hunter and DragonBall Fighter Z are still on the menu, but are they still delicious? What is the bigger money maker, the retail game or the microtransactions, the truth may shock you. All this clickbait and more in … Continue reading

Episode 203 – Tide Presents The Superb Owl 2018

  Now that football is over we can talk commercials, movie trailers, and memes. Video games? You got the wrong show bud. (Just kidding) Enjoy! Here is a link to the GoFundMe to help friend of the show Sherry! Email … Continue reading

Episode 202 – Crazy Money

  Dragonball Fighter Z is here and we are pumped? Also we missed tying together KFC and Crazy Taxi in the show so the episode image¬†counts right?¬†Enjoy! Here is a link to the GoFundMe to help friend of the show … Continue reading