Monthly Archives: May 2017

Episode 177 – Cole Turkey’s Dank Souls Spinner

Scrubs is wiped off Netflix and E3 is right around the corner. You know it’s a slow news week when we go deep into the weird stuff. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of solid content to sit down and … Continue reading

Episode 176 – Thiccc

After a week off, it’s time to talk games. How is Injustice 2? What game is the new secret shame? What game continues to be played despite being a year old? Are there delays in the games we want to play? … Continue reading

Taking a Week Off

Just dropping a quick note to say there isn’t going to be a show this week. Don’t worry, we will be back next week with plenty to talk about! Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like us on … Continue reading

Episode 175 – I Said Cyclone Kick

It’s starting, the summer video game slow down.  No big news, no games for weeks at a time. The crew makes it the best of it and talk Breath of Wild DLC, Darksiders, and MvC games. Enjoy! Email us – … Continue reading

Episode 174 – Spam the Noodle Clip

Is Thor a living weapon? Is Superman? Find out as the crew covers the news of the week and talk briefly about Mario Kart 8. Enjoy! Email us – Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Subscribe to our … Continue reading