Monthly Archives: February 2016

Episode 122 – No Thumb Use

Fire Emblem Fates vs Street Fighter V.  Only one can reign supreme in our time and talks.  Did the D.I.C.E. awards deliver? Do we even address it?  Only one way to find out. Load up on this week’s show and … Continue reading

Episode 121 – Hot Pockets and Ranch

It’s a two man show this week. Alf and Joey coast over a relatively slow news week to discuss the Deadpool movie, Oculus Rift, and fine edibles like Hot Pockets and Pizza Rolls.  Is VR everything we want it to … Continue reading

Episode 120 – Superb Owl 2016: Aftermath

In a post “Big Game” haze, we are back and talking about video games again.  We got plenty of content, despite a slow news week, plus a special Valentine’s Day bit. Also, it sounds like Joey is in a hall, … Continue reading