Monthly Archives: July 2015

Episode 97 – Please Understand….

After a short break, we are back to talk SportsBall, Taco Bell, poop jokes and a all the normal entertainment news we want to discuss.  We also set aside a few moments to discuss the passing of a gaming icon. Enjoy! Email … Continue reading

Episode 96 – Without Comment

ComicCon is here, but we don’t have much news….. yet.  However, we can talk about: JStars, The Nintendo PlayStation, and online card games. We also take a look at the latest from KickStarter.  It’s a barrel of laughs. Enjoy! Email us … Continue reading

Episode 95 – Like Bad Mass Effect

We continue out discussion of Batman: Arkham Knight now that a bit more of the information is out there.  There could be some spoilers, so tread lightly if you haven’t finished the game.  Enjoy! Email us – Follow on Twitter … Continue reading