Monthly Archives: June 2015

Episode 94 – BatmanBatmanBatman

It wouldn’t be a Triple A title release week, without a hearty discussion about both the highs and lows.  The crew takes on Batman: Arkham Knight to see if it measures up to their individual tastes. Enjoy! Email us – Follow … Continue reading

Episode 93 – E3 2015 Reactions

E3 has come and gone. and we dig in deep to give you our thoughts on what was shown.  In an event so large, we are bound to be passionate about something. Is it FFVII, Shenmue, Fallout, Mass Effect or … Continue reading

Episode 92 – Three Dwarves in a Trench-coat

We are gearing up for E3 with talk about new trailers, new hardware, and opinions on such. We also say a few kind words for those that passed this week.. Enjoy! Email us – Follow on Twitter Like us … Continue reading

Episode 91 – Ok Chums, Let’s Podcast

Time sit back and enjoy the off the rails rambling of your podcast pals.  Expecting our thoughts on Witcher 3 or Fallout 4? We got that, and a scooping handful of vanilla WoW and associated YouTube classics. It’s was a big … Continue reading