Monthly Archives: March 2015

Episode 83 – Low Power

Time is of the essence.  Due to a misplaced power cord, it’s the cast versus the clock in this week’s show.  Will the guys get out all the news about Borderlands, Bloodborne, and HD Remakes before the are OUTATIME?  Enjoy! … Continue reading

Episode 82 – Bandwagons

Did you see the Pixels trailer? Did you play Pokemon Shuffle? Did hear about the rumours about Nintendo, Konami, and the NFL? Don’t worry, we did and we got you covered.  Enjoy! Email us – Follow on Twitter Like … Continue reading

Episode 81 – Five Nights at Spoilers

GDC news? Check. Nintendo news? Check. Visual segments to an audio show? Check. Spoilers for a new game? Check. Despite some spoilers, which have been bleeped for your convenience so adjust your volume knob as needed, we still manage to … Continue reading