Monthly Archives: May 2014

Episode 47 – Pull it Back; Flap it Out

We get real close to the mics and layout this week’s hottest news. For once we are not just blowing smoke, we talk about relevant gaming news.  We also make the requisite vulgar jokes and comments you have come to … Continue reading

Episode 45 & Episode 46 – Double Entendre

Due to some recent events we didn’t get to post the show from last week despite it being recorded.  However, we jammed episodes 45 and 46 together to give this extra long one.  Enjoy! Email us –

Episode 44 – Call Me Mal… Pew Pew

Is Kyle a hipster?  Is Joey and old man now? Did Alf really call everyone out?  Find out as we stumble our way through another big week of news, Of course we go off the rails quickly, but that’s why … Continue reading