Monthly Archives: April 2014

Episode 43 – It’s Broken…

So it looks like everyone has jokes this episode. We’ve got jokes about poo, genitals, and winking.  Maybe make sure you wear a set of headphone for this one.  Oh, and we also talk about games too!  Email us – … Continue reading

Episode 42 – Mega Evolution Threes

It’s a short week as the cast talks about ,ovie posters, Threes, and death plans.  Email us –

Episode 41 – Let It Go Bub

Nintendo came in swing this week with all the Smash news.  You will have to listen to the cast talk about the rest of the news to find out how they feel about all the announcements.  Email us –

Episode 40 – Black-umentary

Friend of the show Tho is back for another week. This week is entirely too much talk about bathrooms, bathroom behavior, and  planning an clip show. Enjoy!   Email us –