Monthly Archives: February 2014

Episode 34 – Heavy Breathing

To spice things up we brought an old friend back. This week we try to cover what day of the week it “really” is, Titanfall, TwitchPlays, and the end of Irrational Games.  Email us –

Episode 33 – How I Met Your Mother

Lots of Nintendo talk this week since there was a Nintendo Direct.  We tackle the hard hitting questions, such as: “Where did those Koopa kids come from?” and other great topics.  Email us –

Episode 32 – Who is Dankey Kang?

We finally have questions to answer and pop culture to rip on.  We spend some time talking Flappy Bird, Pokemon, XBONE and PS4 updates and callbacks to episodes past.  Email us –

Episode 31 – Da-Duh-Da-Duh-Duh-Duh-Da

Still fighting off the last remaining bits of the flu, we talk about Nintendo’s big news, XBONES, FFXIII-3 trailers, and more pop-culture nonsense. Sorry about the bits of coughing.  Email us –