Monthly Archives: November 2013

Episode 23 – Thanksgiving Nap Time

we’re full of turkey, ham, gravy, and all the fixings.  Straigh from the dinner table, we’re talking Black Firday, Zelda, Xbox One, PS4, and the usual ramblings.  Email us –

The Legend of Zelda Guide Box Set Unboxing

Joey didn’t tell Kyle and Alf about ordering The Legend of Zelda Guide Box Set for this unboxing. Take a look at the fine set put together by Prima.

Episode 22 – XBone: Missed Connections

After no sleep, Alf, Joey, and Kyle talk about the XboxOne launch and its games. Are there any Killer Cuts? It’s another week of arguing and lewd jokes. Enjoy! Email us –

Episode 21 – PS Fourtitude

With the PS4 here, what better time for the guys to drink out of date novelty soda! Was the $.23 soda or the $399.99 console the better buy? Email us –

Episode 20 – Wangle Our Dangle

With Alf away on business, Joey and Kyle invite Chris back toalk about movies, Crossfire, WiiU sales, and CoD: Ghosts. Just another week of shooting from the hip and rants about the world of gaming! Email us –

Episode 19 – Spooky Dookie

Fresh off Halloween, we’re joined by YouTube sensation DookieShed. We’re talking mostly about Pokemon X/Y and briefly going over the hot topics of the week. Don’t forget about the Loot Crate contest, as well recommending us to your friends. Be … Continue reading