Monthly Archives: September 2013

Episode 14 – Meanwhile at Lake Flaccid

The cast is back this week with more jokes and opinons on video games. Kyle has finally finished Diablo III, Joe played some strange game about shoes, and Alf can’t put down AVGN Adventures.  Did Valve make an impact with … Continue reading

Windwaker HD WiiU Unboxing

Better late than never, Kyle and Joe are unboxing the new WiiU bundle and take in that new console smell.  We have included a close shot up of the box and the special edition gamepad.

Episode 13 – Don’t Touch Deckard Cain’s Jergens…

Grand Theft Auto has arrived and the cast is ready to gush about it. With only limited time, how much did Alf, Joey, and Kyle enjoy of what they have seen? The cast went got up close and personal to … Continue reading

Hands-On – Nintendo’s 2DS

Remember on the show how excited we were for the 2DS? Alf and Joey got a chance to examine the new 2DS up close and personal. Also, we shared some pictures from after the video on our new Instagram account. … Continue reading

Episode 12 – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With a Lil’ Grind

After a last week’s tales of adventure, it’s time to talk about games again. Special guest and friend of the show Jeremy came on to talk about Final Fantasy XIV, yet Joey still isn’t sold on MMOs. Kyle is still … Continue reading

Episode 11 – Super Flea Market Trip – The Reckoning

Alf, Joey, and Kyle spin a long yarn about their adventures in flea markets and retro games stores. Special guest Chris joins the cast to talk to Kyle about Diablo III and what Kyle stepped in. The crew also found … Continue reading