Monthly Archives: August 2013

Episode 10 – You Can’t Discuss Your Junk

Joey lays down the law and it’s immediately broken. Nintendo is still after all of our money and we forget to discuss PAX. What happens when we all pass on Madden 25? Find out in this week’s show!   Email us … Continue reading

Episode 9 – Good Night Sweet Boozey

We’re talking about heading out west and playing some games. Did Saints Row IV warrant us going to the midnight release? Is the PS4 really loving on some indies in November? Did Nintendo really find a way to suck more … Continue reading

Surprise Unboxing

We bought something big again and wanted to show it off.  It’s Saints Row IV Game of the Generation Edition!  I guess it won’t be too hard to guess what we will be talking about on the show this week.

Episode 8 – Snow-cones and Cold Stone

Looks like we are talking about the internet this week. GTA V and Call of Duty: Ghosts both revealed their multiplayer this week and J-Boozie/R2 is back to tell us how pumped he is for Ghosts. Kyle and Joey gush … Continue reading

That Unboxing We Promised

As soon as we picked up Tales of Xillia we unboxed it right in the store.  Bad idea. Through some “clever” editing you can hardly tell the store had customers and a phone off the hook while we were there.

Episode 7 – Talking About Tales

Go big or go home, right? After going off the rails last week, we decided it was time to get serious. This week we got some guests, huddled in close talking about games. We discuss Tales of Xillia, the latest … Continue reading

Episode 6 – We’re Gettin’ Old

We are playing fast and loose this week since there isn’t really much to talk about in gaming. We crack some beers and some jokes. We talk Fez II, FGC, and the black 3DSXL. In classic fashion the episode goes … Continue reading