Monthly Archives: July 2013

Episode 5 – Sharks with Thermal Goggles

Another week trying to improve our sound. Alf and Joey played TANK! TANK! TANK! and want to share. Joey went to a Nintendo Demo event and gushes over his 3DS. We take a stab at talking intelligently about real news, … Continue reading

Episode 4 – Don’t Google Splash Woman

We’re talking about pool parties and Earthbound hitting the WiiU and DuckTales. Alf and Kyle try to sell Joey on Sharknado and the possibilities of other shark movies. Email us –

Episode 3 – I Can’t Science… Ryan Davis

This week’s a real bummer.  We have a good amount of content and discuss the new StreetPass games. We talk about the passing of gaming journalist and inspiration Ryan Davis. Email us –

Episode 2 – Kick ‘Em into the Gas Station

Were back and brought along a new friend.  We’re talking about some of our favorite game music. Kyle talks about his love for Def Jam Icon. The sound is a little rough, but we feel like the content is still … Continue reading